Went in with dizzyness, neck pain, and frequent neck cracking (around 2x an hour) and within a month my neck had been adjusted to mostly eliminate the symptoms. I haven’t been dizzy since week 2, and now (month 3) I rarely feel pain and crack my neck a couple times a week. The chiropractors and staff are all very friendly and professional, even by Southern standards. I highly recommend going for a prelim if you have random pain, migraines, allergies, or any other weird symptoms no one’s been able to diagnose the cause of – there’s a free 6pm Tuesday class covering all the weird junk a maligned spine can do to your body, plus you get a coupon worth at least $50 in treatment.

Alexander Arnold

First time to a chiropractor. Awesome experience in every way! I sit at a desk all day long and my upper back has been hurting for a while. I had no idea a chiro could be so affordable. My back feels better already after only 2 visits. Very impressed and looking forward to feeling even better!

Briel Teague

The staff and doctors are amazing! I barely could walk in the first time with the amount of pain I was experiencing and not only they allowed me to do a walk in with no appointment, but they immediately started a recovery program for me. Thanks to CCC, I have been able to return to my normal life and recover with a healthy process with no drugs or medicine needed. They are worth a try!

Gordon Coleman