Covid-19 Safety Measures

Here are some of the things we have instituted to keep you safe during your visit 

1. Temperature Check
At Door

We are checking staff and patients temperature.       If there is a temperature above the CDC guidelines we ask that they leave and only return once the virus warning signs have abated.


2. Follow The Yellow Brick Road

One way traffic flow throughout the office to ensure social distancing guidelines.

3. Social Distancing Separation Throughout Office

Patient Common Areas Are Spaced Out Including              Reception Room And Traction Area.

4. Social Distancing Markers

Social Distancing Markers
Throughout The Office.

5. We Continually Disinfect All Surfaces Throughout The Day. For The Patients That Desire, We Have Disinfectant Wipes Or Spray And Hand Sanitizer Throughout The Office.


6. Disabled Any High Risk Areas In The Office

We Have Disabled Water Fountains


7. Wearing our face masks

We Wear Our Face Masks And Encourage Patients To Wear Theirs.


8. Doctors Are Sanitizing Hand Between Each Patient

Doctors Have To Touch Patients In Order To Treat Them Therefore They Disinfect Their Hands Before Treating Each             And Every Patient


9. No Touch Entry and Sign In

If Weather Permits, We Keep All Our Front Doors Open And Our Front Desk Team Signs You In.

                               Come In And See Us Today!