Chiropractic Care

Your nervous system controls your entire body. This includes all your internal organs and every function from how fast your heart beats to how you digest food. Your nervous system also operates every muscle and coordinates any movement, motion, or activity you perform. Every sensation you experience is coming from your nervous system including pain, numbness, burning, tingling, feelings of heat and cold, stiffness, soreness etc. Your ability to heal and the energy you have is monitored, controlled and coordinated by your nervous system.
Such an important and delicate system needs to be well protected, therefore your skull totally surrounds your brain and spinal bones protect your spinal cord and its nerves. The spine, unlike your skull, is flexible. It is made up of 24 individual bones that slide on each other when you bend, twist, and move. Sometimes, because of poor posture, injury, improper movement, stress, strain and other factors, those bones that protect your spine can move into an awkward position. If those bones get stuck or heal in that awkward or misaligned position, they will begin a wear and tear arthritis called osteoarthritis; also known as degenerative joint disease. In addition, misaligned spinal bones can pinch, choke or put pressure on the very nerves they are there to protect. That nerve pressure leads to pain, weakness, loss of coordination, numbness, muscle spasms, organ dysfunction and a long list of problems.

This spinal bone misalignment that causes osteoarthritis and nerve pressure is called a SUBLUXATION. Only chiropractors can treat subluxations.

At Crabtree Chiropractic Center it is our passion to eliminate subluxations so our patients can once again have a pain free, active and healthy life.

That is why we perform a NO CHARGE consultation and preliminary examination to see if you have subluxations. If you do, we will make our recommendations and together we will decide how to proceed. If, on the other hand, you do not have a subluxation, we will guide you to the more appropriate physician…and there is still NO CHARGE. That is why it is best to start at our office. We care about you and will set you on the right path.